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Our Human Resource Consulting Group operates with a mandate to consistently provide best HR solutions that will solve the peculiar HR challenges of our clients. At SIAO, we serve as a crucial link between an organization’s people strategy and its business strategy. We assist our clients in the evaluation and design of functional organisational structures and systems that deliver optimal employee performance.

At SIAO HRC, our aim is to customise our services to match our client’s needs from evaluating and designing appropriate organisational and management structures, to installing HR programmes and systems that align with overall business plans, marketing strategies and objectives.

We appreciate that each client is unique, accordingly; our approach is to take a complete in-depth and practical look at their peculiar needs to enhance their competitive edge over competitors.

We focus specifically on the following areas:
HR Advisory Services | Recruitment | Learning & Development | Payroll & Compensation Services

1. Human Resource Advisory Services
Our Advisory service combines specialized skills to provide objective advice and execution to help preserve and improve the values of our clients.

SIAO Human Resource Advisory helps clients to reduce HR costs as well as improve the delivery of their HR strategy and enhance employee HR’s strategic contribution.

Below are some of our unique services under HR advisory:

a) Manpower Audit
Our HR Advisory Services offer a comprehensive HR Audit that provides an independent and objective mapping of HR activities, processes and compliance. We provide appropriate recommendations and proposals for improvements within a structured time frame.

b) HR Due Diligence
We also carry out rigorous HR due Diligence investigations during Mergers and Acquisitions. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the management team, staff, structures, issues, and the managerial capacity of a potential partner. We will exchange, review and appraise confidential information on behalf of our client before a merger or any other legally binding agreement is finalized.
The process provides the necessary intervention designed to align HR processes and systems with corporate goals and strategy.

c) Talent Management
We employ a valid process of developing and integrating new workers, developing and retaining current workers and attracting highly skilled workers to work for your organization. This service includes determining structure for compensation, skills inventory and assessment, data collection – compensation surveys and executive rewards advisory services.

Our understanding of various organisational cultures has enabled us to design and facilitate programs and systems which enhance the desired culture and work climate.

Our HR consulting services concentrate on 3 areas:
Organisational Strategy |Career Management | HR Tools & Surveys

i. Organisational Strategy
Services in this area include:
- Organisational Design, Planning & Development
- Performance Management
- HR Due Diligence
- HR/Manpower Audit
- Skills Gap Analysis
- Rationalization
- Remuneration Surveys
- Formulation, Design, Production & Review of HR manuals

ii. Career Management
In this area, we help our clients with:
- Career Planning
- Career Development
- Talent Management
- Outplacement Services

iii. HR Tools & Surveys
- We offer the following services:
- Job Analysis & Evaluation
- Employee Surveys
- Customer Satisfaction Surveys
- Organisational Assessment Surveys

d) Outplacement Services

Outplacement Support Services is Job placement assistance and programs administered by organizations implementing Downsizing or other staff reductions.

Although actual outplacement activities vary from one organization to another, depending on their needs and capabilities, outplacement support services should not be done only when the need for downsizing occurs but should be done in order to place the future of employees on a better track.

Outplacement eases the transition process by providing displaced workers with a strong career management plan and the job search tools needed to successfully pursue a new job.

Our advisory unit is a nationwide provider of outplacement counselling and our outplacement services address the following strategies to displaced employees to help them get back on track quickly.

• Personal Assessment
We will assess your employees’ wants, needs, salary, experience, skills, personality and geographic preferences. With any new career change, it is vital that they have a clear objective and understanding of what motivates them.

• Creative Materials
Not only would we make sure your employees’ resumes are effective, we will also arm them with supporting materials to market their candidacy to the workforce. Materials include resumes, cover letters, references, verified credentials and our custom targeted networking letters.

• Coaching/Support
Communicating and being able to connect with a current or prospective employer is critical. We can coach your employees to effectively communicate in the key areas of interviewing, salary negotiation and networking.

• Good Facilitators for Self Employed Jobs
We have various competent facilitators in our database who are successful and have the various success factors in the areas of their expertise to make anybody excel.

2. Learning & Development

Our Learning and Development Unit adopts a widely proven methodology in helping our clients tackle the challenges of learning and development among their employees.

SIAO Learning and Development uses her experience and expertise to train clients on a wide variety of relevant and pertinent subject matters.

a.) Training

Our Learning and Development Unit comprises of seasoned training consultants and external facilitators (domestic and international) who have facilitated in a wide variety of training programmes with authorities in their chosen fields. With first hand industry and consulting experience, they understand the issues most likely to concern an organization and are well placed to provide the solutions that the organization requires.

b.) Coaching and mentoring

We assist in designing an effective framework for coaching and mentoring. Our internship program for our clients enhances performance in facilitating succession planning. We also provide one-on-one mentoring, coaching and offer legal advice on all HR issues.

c.) Webinar

SIAO’s E-Training allows you to train at a time, pace and location that is convenient for you. It is perfect for situations where the organization has a budget and travel considerations or wants to train a project team that is in different locations around the globe.

Our online courses are delivered to the same high standard as our classroom courses and are highly interactive with real life case studies. Organizations can save with SIAO e-training, due to the convenience. It is suitable for organizations with dispersed project teams or which have a limited budget for training.

SIAO has a new resource portal that would be available if the participant needs help with the courses available. The participants would be guaranteed a response in 24 hours and would be given the opportunity to collaborate with the instructor and other course participants through online message boards and email.

Our L & D offerings include (but are not limited to):
• In Company Training
• Open Class Courses
• Retreats
• Training Need Analysis
• Training Policy Development
• Executive Coaching and Teambuilding
• Soft Skills Training
• Webinar
SIAO offers some of the following courses;
• Emotional Intelligence
• Taxation and Audit Management
• Finance and Accounting Management
• Human Resource Management
• General Management
• Leadership Skills
• Effective Customer Service Skills
• Time Management and Personal Effectiveness
• Managing Emotional Depression at the Workplace
• Winning Attitude
• Handling Difficult Customers
• Effective Negotiation and Presentation Skills
• Creative Thinking and Decision Making
• Strategic Relationship Management
• Effective Report Writing
• Team Work Development and Management
• Recruitment and Selection Skills
• Project Planning
• Corporate Induction Programmes for New Intakes
• Managing Change, and so much more.

This involves:
• Induction manuals
• Formal induction training
• On the job induction training

3. Recruitment
We have a data base that offers our client the flexibility to screen and select potential employees without the expense of public advertisement. The system provides a useful platform for both the potential employee and employer to interact discreetly without further obligations. We at SIAO HRC will then take over all the other mundane aspects of HR such as testing, interviewing and final presentation for selection.

Through our robust global database and global industry network, SIAO HRC helps recruit top executives for key positions from both within and outside Nigeria.

We at SIAO HRC, leverage on our rich network and contact base within the industry both locally and internationally to attract and recruit for our clients talents for specific roles within their organisation.
Below are some of our unique services under Recruitment:

a) Outsourcing
SIAO Recruitment Outsourcing acts as a company’s internal recruitment function for a section, or the entire requirement. It is a form of outsourcing where some or all of an organization’s talent acquisition and talent management activities are outsourced to a third party vendor. However, our responsibilities towards the client need not end after the candidate is offered employment. At the client’s request, SIAO may offer HR services such as payroll and compensation, leave and retirement, training and performance appraisals, employee discipline and pension.

SIAO Recruitment Outsourcing brings higher quality, lower cost and better speed to talent acquisition and talent management initiatives. A properly managed recruitment process will improve a company’s hire time, increase the quality of candidate pool, reduce cost and improve compliance.



We are well positioned to become a one-stop shop for Human Resource and business management services.

With dedicated, professional and competent personnel, SIAO Human Resource Consulting has consulted for various clients at all levels in a broad range of services including strategic planning, HR advisory, project evaluation, HR process and best practice implementation.

Below is a list of some of our Clients:

Air Liquide Ltd - Executive Selection/Recruitment
Futureview Financial Services - HR Due Diligence
Coca Cola Nigeria Ltd - Outplacement Service
Bellview Airlines - HR Dev. & System set up
Celergo International (USA) - Payroll & Compensation Service
Oyo State Government - Training Need Assessment (TNA)
Galaxy ITT - HR Due Diligence
DAAR Communications - Executive Selection/Recruitment
ADC Airlines - HR Dev. & Systems set up
Bureau for Public Enterprise - Manpower Audit
Onward Paper Mills - Selection/Recruitment
First City Monument Bank - HR Due Diligence
Afribank Plc - Selection/Recruitment
Dangote Group - Executive Selection/Recruitment
Intercontinental Bank - HR Due Diligence
Leadway Assurance - Executive Selection/Recruitment
Infinite Capital Ltd. - HR Dev. & System Set up
Abibis Investment Ltd - HR Consultancy/Business Plan
Bemil Securities Ltd - HR Consultancy/Business Plan
Sovereign Trust Insurance - HR Process review
Murphy Shipping Co. - HR Strategy and Alignment
Covenant Mea (Dubai) - Recruitment


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