Financial Accounting and Risk Assurance Services

Financial Accounting and Risk Assurance Services
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Financial Accounting and Risk Assurance Services

Risk advisory

Our risk assurance team has for several years, helped clients mitigate risk and prepare for the future. By consistently delivering high quality, client focused internal audit and advisory services, we excel at providing practical, innovative advice, in a friendly, flexible and constructive manner.

We ensure that risks are managed effectively, efficiently and proportionately. This way we help mitigate the potential for a risk to materialise and any negative event(s) to unfold.

The Financial & Risk Assurance Services Department of SIAO offers the following services:

Governance and Compliance

  • Internal audit
  • Risk and governance assurance including project risk/programme assurance
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Regulatory and ethical compliance
  • Controls advisory
  • Board Enhancement and Maturity
  • Board Establishment
  • Board Reviews
  • CEO Assessments
  • Director Contribution Appraisals
  • Director Skills/Competency Assessments
  • Governance Professional Development
  • Governance Reviews
  • Risk Governance Reviews

Technology Risk

  • IT internal audit
  • Project Risk Management
  • Digital Governance
  • Payments
  • IT Risk Management & Governance
  • SAP/Oracle GRC

Contract Risk and Compliance

We maximize the benefits gained from the relationships our clients have with various business partners, which include:

  • Suppliers and customers
  • Franchisees and licensees
  • Distributors
  • Advise entities on contract risk and procurement and maximising value from complex commercial arrangements through the following offerings:
  • Procurement and contract management process improvement;
  • Strategic sourcing, demand management and procurement effectiveness;
  • Contract cost and performance compliance;
  • Contract management training;
  • Cost savings on existing contracts;
  • Capital projects consulting;
  • Supply chain risk consulting;
  • Outsourcing contracts;
  • In-sourcing projects;
  • Commercial contract training and learning solutions;
  • Contracts for complex projects;
  • Contract negotiations; and
  • Commercial internal audit.